8 months, 1 Journal

Writing in anticipation of the moment when lots of seemingly ordinary days as recorded on the pages of my journal suddenly reveal another story of God's grace and faithfulness.

On Breaking-Up

My reflection on what I felt I learned from all that happened in the time after breaking-up. "That’s the thing about heartbreak. It’s the smallest of worlds ending. Everyone goes around you smiling, like it’s nothing to close a door."

Hopes for the Year Ahead

As much a list of hopes as it is a list of reminders of what's important before I go back to uni. Hopes to talk less about myself. To say 'I love you' more often and to more people. To have more compassion and less pride. To share in the lives of others, to delight in the fun and mess of life. To discover I'm wrong about things and change my mind. To rejoice in the everyday. To remember to be gentle with myself if things get hard.