I started this blog initially as I thought it would provide a good incentive to take more photos (after finding how few photos I had from my first term at university). When I went to Athens in July 2016, I realised that a blog would be a really lovely way of sharing what I got up to with the friends and family that were interested.

What started as just a few posts has quickly grown as I’ve discovered just how much I enjoy the process of writing. I didn’t really start with a master plan, something I’m sure is reflected by the variety of things that I am posting.

You’ll see a lot of posts about my friends and university – I am studying philosophy at the University of Cambridge and I am now in my second year – what I’m reading, my faith and church, and general musings.

I hope that you get as much enjoyment from reading the different posts on here as I am from writing them.

That’s all from me for now!

Make yourself feel at home, you’re most welcome here!



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