“F*** that S***”

This week I watched a webinar organised by the Asian Theological Academy (ATA) and the Asian Forum of Theological Movements, titled ‘I Can’t Breathe: Why We Can’t Hear The Cries And What To Do About It?’ It talked about two Lutheran pastors who had led a lament on racial injustice using the words ‘F*** that… Read More “F*** that S***”

the things dreams are

As far as word association goes, ‘future’ is to ‘dream’ as ‘past’ is to ‘memory’. Dreaming is superfluous, maybe indulgent. In any case, it’s uncomfortable. In another episode of word association, ‘illusory’ is to ‘dream’ as ‘reality’ is to ‘act’. Dreaming is pretence, maybe unhinged. In any case, it’s irrelevant. And yet, I am coming… Read More the things dreams are

The bread is enough.

Perhaps the thing I’ve missed most of all in lockdown is church in person. I deeply miss the physicality of being with others to worship, and have struggled with the distance which makes me feel as if I am watching church rather than truly participating. This morning I listened to Rev’d Richard Springer preach. You… Read More The bread is enough.


At the grave of Lazarus, Jesus wept. Even for one who would be raised again. Lament means grieving death in all its forms. It’s an expression of faith – holding pain before God; confessing loss and belief part of the same reality. It is all too easy for our dealings with pain to become escapist.… Read More Lament

the Guarantor

Once upon a time, a people lived in fear.In all the world they lived in, they sought for Love drawn near.They knew that Love was full and true, was certain and was deep;They knew it was dependable, something you could keep.They knew it should be given free, not measured out in kind;This sort of love… Read More the Guarantor