John 22

I am still finding myself caught up in a moment from a couple of weeks ago, when we were asked by Revd Sam Corley to turn to John 22. He waited for us to return our gaze, after finding the inevitable, “There are missing chapters in these scriptures because people close doors.” He said. At… Read More John 22

Thoughts on 2019

Another year has gone. Once again I find myself amazed and bewildered by how much can change, and yet how quickly change turns into routine. 18 months out and Cambridge is already ‘two lives’ ago. As I compiled the photos in this post I was struck by a profound sense of gratitude. I am incredibly… Read More Thoughts on 2019

wisdom + worship

Recognition of worthiness unites wisdom and worship. This past week I’ve been thinking about this connection, and about holding together authority with vulnerability, justice with trust, and conviction with risk. I’ve been writing the below on a train to Manchester by way of processing. it strikes me that wisdom and worship are companions – in… Read More wisdom + worship

holding to light

Maybe it’s the nights getting colder, and the feeling of setting out home in the dark – but I’ve been thinking a lot about holding onto light this week. “Let there be light” God says, at the beginning of creation. “There will be no more night” promises Revelation. And yet, so often the darkness of… Read More holding to light