Writing 5 minutes before a lecture

Right now I’m having

one of those moments

a moment in which I find myself

gasping for space

for a moment

moment of air

suddenly taken under


by a pace I can’t match

by all that is changing

all that demands attention

when I only seek quiet

quiet and peace

wanting to click an opt-out button

a reset button

in the midst of the busy

to get back to calm, to

calm waters

to pause and stop the wind battering

to reach a metaphorical shore.

So let me choose, cling on to what is


the words of scripture

which tell me the good is coming

and in the meantime

peace and rejoicing are for today,

for the present moment.

I can’t have or make it quiet outside

but quiet is mine for the inside.

What was it I read this morning?

Ah, that I am nothing without love.

But it is love that I have in Christ

and it is that love I will depend on now.

I can take heart,

for the Lord has overcome.

I can be glad,

for this is a day the Lord has made.

I can find rest,

for the Lord is Lord over this moment.