Re-crucifying Christ

Cone writes about the crucifixion as a first-century lynching, and about how black people facing the state-endorsed terrorism of lynching identified with Jesus; they, "found in the cross the spiritual power to resist the violence they so often suffered" (p22).

Fighting Climate Change is Part of the Gospel (1/2)

In this post, I start from the very beginning. If you are familiar with the concepts of Creation-Fall-Redemption, then this post should hopefully depict the place of the Earth in the Biblical Narrative in an easy-to-follow way that will lay the groundwork for the other post.  Caring for Creation and the Biblical Narrative  Author Brian … Continue reading Fighting Climate Change is Part of the Gospel (1/2)


How incredible is it that we are all united in having the most beautiful patterns marking our skin - and yet these patterns are all unique?!