I have been immensely blessed by the response to my last blog post. I have had kind texts, a post on Kindbridge, notes left around my room, chocolate in my pidge, an email through the ‘contact’ form of this blog, and I now have the following wallpaper on my phone:


It means a lot. I still can’t understand what I’m doing, and this next week is still going to be a challenge but I have some great reminders that I am where I am supposed to be. Thank you so much, it has really made a difference to my last few days! (please continue)

Yesterday morning I couldn’t understand what I was doing and felt very distract-able, and overall it wasn’t a great day for work at all. But I had a thought which I wanted to share (when I was in a supervision, oops) as to the wonder of fingerprints!

How incredible is it that we are all united in having the most beautiful patterns marking our skin – and yet these patterns are all unique?!

This morning I am working opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum – (have come to a bit of a standstill which is why I have decided to write this instead!) – and I am still thinking about the lines that run across my fingers. It is helping to give me perspective and helping me to delight in who I have been made to be.

Also, thinking that the tips of my fingers hold mountainous ridges and swirls of wind does make conquering Frege+Russell seem a little more achievable!

So friends, this is a post to say thank you for all your encouragement. And also to say that I hope that you take a moment out of your day to glance down at your hands and marvel at your own fingerprints. You are wonderfully made.



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