A Countdown to Hope (it’s advent)

‘He will be called Immanuel’
that is, “God with us”.

The creator walking alongside the created; written into creation.

We have commenced a countdown to hope. 

The greatest has come – to serve and love and share life with the least – a first night on earth spent sleeping in a feeding trough, far from any palace or throne.

Love has chosen the darkness, that the darkness will be overcome by light.

The author has written Himself into the story.

An offering of hope: the shepherds see the glory of God,

presented to them by angels singing in the heavens,  witnessed by a single look into the manger where a Saviour is born.

The shepherds see the glory of God in the birth of a Lamb.

An offering of hope: the wise men bear gifts that tell of who has come,

gold, a gift for a king who is of royal blood – Jesus King of the Jews, the charge visible upon his death, “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” who will rule over the entire earth (Revelation 19:16),

frankincensea gift for a priest who makes the temple sacrifices  – Jesus High Priest of humankind, holy and perfect sacrifice, to make a way for all (Hebrews 4:14-15, Hebrews 9:11-14, 1 Peter 1:18-19),

and myrrh, a gift for one who will die, a perfume to cover the smell of death – Jesus Messiah whose dead body would be wrapped in linen with myrrh and aloes, the sweetness of one who will be victorious over death (John 19:39-40).

He is our hope.

‘He will be called Immanuel’
that is, “God with us”.

A God who wants us to be able to know him, who wants to be with us, who wants to share in our life.

This is an offering of hope: a God who has brought life as an answer for death, who has brought light into our darkness, and love for where there is none.

Immanuel, God with us.

Then, now and forevermore: an offering of hope.

Jesus, Immanuel.

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