Photos of spring + thoughts on growth

Spring always seems to creep up on me suddenly, such that one day I wake up to a blue sky and daffodils everywhere.

This occurrence reminds me of the seasonal nature of life, of the slow+sudden way that days turn into months and then years: change happening both gradually and all at once.

There are some changes which can be relied upon to come about like the seasons, but some that cannot.  The hands on a clock can be relied upon to keep on going round, but my changing into the person I want to become, less so.

Just as days turn into years, everyday choices turn into the bigger picture of who I am. And so it is that the now and everyday is the time in which to live and be and learn and seek and pray. Days that feel like days of winter, days that feel like days just of yearning for the spring, are days in which care should be taken –  that I might one day find myself at a point where my life is reflective of the truth that God is my only need. That day will be as the arrival of spring.


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