Reblog: ‘Why Justice?’

A post I wrote for this blog run by JustLoveCambridge – a group of Christian students working for justice through social action projects. I would recommend looking through the other contributions made to their blog, they do some great things! 🙂

Why Justice?

Justice is working for restoration, working to make the world more reflective of the grace and love of the gospel message. In the Lord’s Prayer we pray ‘your kingdom come’. It’s recognition that the world, as it is, is a broken one – one of pain, suffering and injustice, where stories often don’t come with happy endings. It’s also a call to action, that in the way we live our lives, we should bring the justice of God’s kingdom to the injustice of the world that we know.

Through Jesus, I know the hope that is the beauty of God’s kingdom. The hope and joy of a perfect love. An understanding that there is something more beyond the visible brokenness of the world, and a yearning to act in ways that brings the goodness I know to the badness I see.

It is because of this that I am passionate…

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Finding Quiet

There are two kinds of tiredness: weariness and a lack of peace. And today, I got up and realised I was tired in the whole sense of the world. So I decided to cycle down to Granchester Meadows and take a little walk.

On Breaking-Up

My reflection on what I felt I learned from all that happened in the time after breaking-up. "That’s the thing about heartbreak. It’s the smallest of worlds ending. Everyone goes around you smiling, like it’s nothing to close a door."