Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is my favourite song, and two days ago at the 5.30pm service at my church, the voices of everyone sang it out in worship so beautifully that I got shivers. The echoes of praise in the old building of All Saints is just so incredible, and I was so happy and so thankful to be able to come and worship my God on the first Sunday of my second year at Cambridge.

As I was singing, I was reminded of the film of ‘Amazing Grace’ which documents William Wilberforce’s political fight against the injustice of slavery. The film depicts John Newton, a slave-ship owner who pens this song after finding salvation. In particular, I remembered the following scene between Wilberforce and Newton, which is just my absolute favourite part of the film:


There is such incredible truth to hold onto in these lines – they are the essence of grace. We have redemption through Christ though we are unworthy. And what’s more, as Ellie said in Sunday’s sermon, “We never graduate from grace”. We never have to pay the price we should, or start earning our place with God. What a cause for celebration. What truly amazing grace.

(As a bonus, one of my favourite YouTube videos is this one of Obama singing ‘Amazing Grace’. I think it captures the beauty and power of the song. Enjoy.)

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