Finding Quiet

Today when I woke up, I felt a little claustrophobic in my room – for some reason I wasn’t able to quiet my heart in the way I usually do in the morning. I believe that there are two kinds of tiredness: weariness and a lack of peace. And today, I got up and realised I was tired in the whole sense of the world.

So I decided to cycle down to Granchester Meadows and take a little walk. I’m not always very good at spending time in my own company, but today I really needed that. I needed to go on my own adventure, and wear wellies, and feel small, and see beauty, and read scripture, and be refreshed in the open air and draw things and gaze at creation and remember that there’s more out there than reading for an essay on verificationism.

How much goodness there is in the colour of plants, walking across fields, letting a little spider crawled across your hands and blowing the seeds of a dandelion!

Praise the Lord for the beauty of creation, and for refreshment of spirit. And, of course, for stripey wellies.