“It’s not something you’re ever going to get over”

These were Lucy’s words to me on Monday night re the love of God.

I was sharing with her some words I had received from God on Sunday, via two separate people, and she prayed with me about them (because she’s the best like that). And, as I was talking with her, I was moved to tears (of joy, don’t worry).

These were tears from being so keenly aware of the graciousness, comfort, and blessing I have known through my faith in the past few months. During this time, five (5!!) different people have prayed over me and given me prophetic words or scripture. When I was sat with Lucy in my room on Monday, it was letting the enormity of all God has done wash over me that reduced me to a blubbering mess (ahh exaggerations, I wasn’t thaaat bad).

Lucy was just so absolutely spot on with what she said. I can’t comprehend the depth of love God has for me. It’s a love that can’t be matched in its beauty, riches or perfection. The past few weeks, I’ve seen the presence of God clearly at work in the lives of friends in the stories they’ve been able to share with me, as well as in my own life, and it has renewed an excitement in me that is beyond words. Did you know? God who orchestrated creation, the wonder of the gospel, and who has been there in every sorrow, turmoil and joy in the history of the world is consumed by a love for me, and specifically me. Specifically me!

The love of God is something that we should never be able to get over.


(p.s.  The photos that I use with my blogs are usually photos I’ve taken that relate to whatever I’m writing about. In this case, the kitty in the above photo was a cat I met as I was leaving Christ’s College on Sunday)

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