This last weekend I had a visitor. Freya is my oldest friend, in respect of the fact that I’ve known her for her entire life (and she is just 3 weeks younger than I am). Our Mums met when they were pregnant with us, and we’ve always managed to keep up a friendship, even in the midst of Freya moving to Canada aged 6.

A (Very) Brief History in Photos






The Latest Friendship-Installment

This weekend was the last visit before Freya goes on her travels (and I think I’ve just about persuaded her to set up a blog about what she gets up to, so watch this space). We managed to cook yummy food on Saturday night and play Jackbox with Lucy and Dom, go to Pembroke for brunch, look in bookshops, see the singing binman, climb the tower of Great St Mary’s, and generally just chat and appreciate the beauty of Cambridge. I also got to introduce her to the magic of HT and all my church friends, make her watch the sitcom ‘Cuckoo’, and we rejoiced in our mutual appreciation of the romcom ‘When Harry Met Sally’ by re-watching it. And all that misses out on one of my personal highlights; lactose-intolerant Freya sampling (very much of her own accord) white chocolate fudge in the fudge kitchen on King’s Parade.

Freya, thanks for another lot of nice memories to add to the stockpile that is our friendship. Thanks for the fun memories of this summer (e.g. here) and for being cool enough to still want to wear matching items of clothing aged 19. Thanks for being lovely and patient with all my funny ways all these years, and for doing a solid 8 hours of journeying to and from Kendal just for the privilege of sleeping on a very squeaky airbed. The University Library, King’s College Chapel and punting will all be waiting for you when you’re back from your travels! You’re the best 🙂

Here’s to next time (when we’ll reach the two-decade mark of friendship)!


(In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve been ill the past five days with tonsillitis and Freya had a sore throat from all the shifts she’s been working at a café and pub – so as picturesque as some of the photos look, the quantity of painkillers and tissues we got through was far from glamorous. So an additional thanks to Freya for enduring the times I was a little out of it.  And I’d like to take a moment to give a shout-out to Tabitha and Liv who are absolute gems and have been the providers of sympathy and two of my favourite things: tea and chocolate.)


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