Wash One Another’s Feet

“Wash one another’s feet” he said.

Get down to cleaning away the dirt of the everyday. Scrub at the dust and sweat of a day’s work. The daily pounding of feet on the ground. Do this and pay no mind to position or status. Do this because he did so. He, the worthiest of all, was to be found washing the feet of fishermen with a towel around his waist. He did this, not when asked, not when he was required to, he did this as the evening meal was in progress. He did this as if he wasn’t about to be betrayed, wasn’t about to go to the cross. Because he was both King and servant – and neither of those titles are reserved to working hours. Love is a full-time occupation, after all. Love in the big things, God on the Earth and God on the cross, but also love in the washing of feet in the basin.

His calling is to sacrifice, to kneeling at the feet of the inferior gladly,  to joining in the kingdom’s work of making all things new. He is the example. He loved ‘to the end’.

John 13:1-17

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