101 Blog Posts (?!)

Yesterday when I published 40 Days of Vegan a notification came up to say ‘You’ve made 100 posts on thejoyofrachel’… Can you believe that? 🙂

So this is another post, of many to come, to mark the occasion and to thank you for taking the time to read all the assorted musings! I had no idea last July as to just how wonderful it would be to have a little corner of the internet – and one of the most wonderful things about it is having people share in it!

I am so thankful that this blog allows me to let you know about things I am processing or thinking about or feeling, things which I wouldn’t always have the opportunity to talk to you about or be articulate enough to express in person.

When I realised that had hit 100 posts, I had a look back over all the (too many) posts and was pleasantly surprised by some that I didn’t remember even existed –  I’ve picked out some favourites which, in one way or another, mark the journey my blog has taken me on so far. I hope if you’re a relatively recent follower you will take a look!

Here’s to the next hundred posts!

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