Easter Term: many joys and a sorrow

In many ways, this term has been my favourite. For one, sunshine and longer evenings are very lovely things. Mostly though, I just had the absolute best time with the most amazing people. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this term before I came back (exams…) but it turned out that I really didn’t need to feel like that, it was such a relaxed term.

Since I’m going on to talk about all the many wonderful things that I got to enjoy this term, I don’t feel like I can honestly edit out the harder part. This is the “sorrow” part of the title, which happened around week 2. I had been dating a guy called Tim, who is by all accounts lovely, and our relationship came to an end. It is hard when life seems to take you in different directions, but it does that sometimes. I am so thankful to the many friends who were really there for me in that time, who even sent me things in the post, their kindness won’t be forgotten.

Something else that I am really thankful for, is that I have made more friends! The photos below were taken whilst I was out with Tabitha. I met Tabitha at the beginning of the year, but it took until Lent term for us to have a proper conversation. In our first conversation I invited myself to her hypothetical wedding. This was rude. She was still very lovely to me after that point though, because being absolutely delightful and thoroughly lovely is just who she is. We also started spending a lot more time together because the two of us are now college reps which means that we run our college group, a group of Christians meeting together in college. She is always very patient with me and I really admire her – she is genuinely someone I would trust with my life.

Another of the joys of term has been the fun I’ve had with Umang. We’ve been to the Granta for drinks, I’ve stolen a lot of her instant ginger chai, we’ve gone on cute walks, I met another one of her Canadian friends etc. Best of all was a great end-of-term-ish trip to Norwich. I had the best time with her. Also, the hot-chocolate-and-sparklers-on-Grange-road night was a really great night. Umang is absolutely incredible and absolutely wonderful. She is also insanely talented and is going places (and I’m looking forward to finding out which ones she goes to).

In the midst of this, I was actually doing some work. Anybody who has spent even a little bit of time around me when working will know about my love for http://www.mytomatoes.com, which is essentially a really simple pomodoro timer but aha I love that website a lot! I completed a lot of tomatoes this last term. Also got the whiteboard out, I figure that anything that makes you feel like you’re 5 again will help to make things more fun. Siân and I spent a lot of time together this term, working but also eating meals together and having fun watching Taskmaster or other things on iPlayer. I’ve already mentioned her in the previous post as being the person who taught me the full-biscuit-tin life lesson. She is an exceptionally (really exceptionally) good friend, has an amazingly big heart and is so much fun. I also depend on her to sing the right thing in choir and have a huge amount of admiration for her catering skills. She also isn’t the biggest fan of being the centre of attention so not sure how she’ll feel reading this aha.

Writing this, I’m realising what a ludicrous amount of fun I’ve had this last term. Just after exams finished my beautiful friend Poonam came to stay, and I got to introduce her to lots of my friends and the botanical gardens, take her to Fitzbillies, the baptism of my friend Sophie, and a birthday picnic for my friend Katherine. Take note of how gorgeous Poonam’s smile is by the way, it matches an equally gorgeous heart.

Joy number whatever-we’re-on was the joy of birthday celebrations. Lou turned the big 2-0, and we had a cute birthday meal and a birthday cake sesh in the buttery (canteen). I didn’t turn anything but had a pretend college birthday in the JCR and Lou made me a very beautiful cake. So much joy.

At some point we headed into May Week and I had the most incredible time watching the Trinity May Ball fireworks from John’s, having my friend Amy visit and going to Newnham’s June event. Amy definitely fits in with the trend of my mentioning beautiful, lovely and talented friends. I am so thankful to her for visiting and making May Week such a happy time. It was a great end to a great first year.

I will now leave you with all the photos from all the other joys of term: punting, making strawberries and cream, Coz’s 21st, a visit to Sam in London, cooking, family visiting, cocktails, chilled evenings, overnight punting and a bonfire, the Union garden party and the Night of Jubilee ethical May ball, and whatever else has been forgotten. I am immensely grateful to everyone who has been a part of this year. Onwards and upwards to second year?

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