Starting Full-time work

Some observant people have picked up on the fact that I’ve gone a bit quiet, and not posted for a couple of weeks.

This hasn’t been intentional, and I’ve sat down to write a few times recently but have just been so tired that I haven’t been able to concentrate enough. I’ve just done the first 2 weeks of a 10 week internship, and the whole ‘leave the house before 8am and get back at 6pm‘ thing is not something I’ve done in the proper sense before. It’s taken me by surprise a bit and worn me out!

Hopefully next week will feel a lot more settled and into-routine, and my energy levels will go back up. If you’re a praying person, you could pray that I get a better balance of what I’m doing, because my not-writing is actually quite indicative that things are a bit out of kilter!

So this is me poking my head around the door to say I’m still around, but I’m in the midst of working out how to do the London intern life!