Easter Term 2017

Another batch of assorted photos from another term, this time around of learning some more philosophy and how to play Judgemental Guess Who (‘Does your person own a National Trust pass?‘), and meeting Brother Yun/Bernie Sanders/Emma Thompson and Peter Singer. What fun it has been.

Big thanks to all the lovely people who have made this term what it’s been, whether near (hello corridor cricket players below) or far (hello Poppy+Siân).

A special shout-out is owed to Naomi who is featured in a lot of these photos, and who this term has: made me a beautiful gel-pen card, snuggled with me in Blues+Chill 3, shared in the best swimming experience I’ve ever had, baked me tasty tasty birthday cake, re-affirmed her baptism vows – promised to put me up this next week! She will soon be moving from the group of near friends to the far, as she gets ready for a Year Abroad in Austria, and that means that this term has been our last university term together in the same place 😦

So Naomi, here is a big thank you for your being generally wonderful in all things, for your encouraging words, your enthusiasm and joy and aliveness. Know that you will be dearly missed but never forgotten next year, and that I’m looking forward to sharing in your new adventure and all that is beyond ❤ (I’ll see you Tuesday!)


“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

Hebrews 5:19


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