At Easter

Their voices

they sing out


Here is one who will save +

one who will rescue,

grant freedom from oppression,

bring a new kingdom with the defeat of Rome.

They are expectant of glory and triumph,

so they lay out gilded dreams and

palm branches 

and sing


Their voices

they cry out


Where is one who will save +

one who will rescue;

this man cannot grant freedom,

the kingdom is Rome and it will destroy him.

They are expectant of death and defeat,

so they so place on his head a

crown of thorns

and cry


A voice

it rings out

My God, my God!

It is the one who will save +

one who will rescue,

but now he is dying and defeated,

those he loves have nailed him to a wooden cross.

They are expectant of no-one-knows-what,

but the voice of one with

a changed heart

rings out,

the Son of God!

Their voices

they call out

He is risen!

He is the one who saves +

the one who rescues,

He has defeated the grave,

brought a new kingdom to outlast all others.

They are expectant, because Hope has come,

and they share with all people the

empty tomb,

 calling out

He is risen!’

Palm BranchesMatthew 21:1-11

Crown of ThornsMatthew 27:11-31

Wooden CrossMatthew 27:32-55

Empty TombMatthew 28:1-20

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