Views of the North

My first week of April was spent visiting Freya, Sam and Neil in different places further North than my hometown of B’ham – doing a bit of a loop around the country to go up to Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle before dropping all the way back down to Cambridge and then travelling home again.

During that time I saw so much beauty – in the many walks and many trains, the late night cereal, the green and the trees and the rocks and the sky and the flowers. I also saw a seal, Hadrian’s wall, David Hockney’s art, the Angel of the North, Lyme Park and Stephen Hawking…

These photos capture little bits of that beauty, so have a scroll. Let me know which photo is your favourite, and see if you can guess mine!

(also, big shout out to my hosts if you’re out there, you are the best, thank you for having me!)


These were all days that the Lord made. 

A Bonus photo or two!

Because Lyme Park is a National Trust property, and they had a dress-up room….


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