Second Year Room – Peile 114

I was really happy when I arrived back in my room on Friday, because it turned out that college had painted all of the walls, and the window sills (and also because Emeli Sandé had just released a new single). They also replaced a mustard-striped chair with a plain grey one – ah I am easily pleased…

I hope though the photos below, you get a sense of the space. My room is home to lots of art, photos, cards from people, and mis-matched mugs. I feel like rooms are to be lived in, so they shouldn’t be too perfect. I love the fact that all my mugs are wonderful gifts from wonderful people! How lovely to be reminded of my friendship with someone everytime I have a cup of tea (a very frequent occurrence haha).

For the first four photos, imagine you’re stood in the middle of my room and turning around slowly clockwise.  And enjoy your virtual look-around!




I like that there are so many objects in my room that have their own stories and remind me of good times shared with others. I have fans from Japan, Sangria from Spain, and magnets from Greece. I also have a drawing of a panda on my fridge from my 15 year-old brother, and the framed words “we’re gonna have a good day, and all my worries gonna fly away” (‘adapted’ lyrics I sing to a Nappy Roots song) above my bed, made by my friend Siân for my 19th birthday. It’s lovely to have that frame and photos of us, along with all the cards she has sent, whilst she is on her year abroad (read about her adventures here). There are so many other things I could mention for which the same sentiment applies, gifts from sixth-form friends, family friends and church friends. In every case, it’s always good to be able to be keeping parts of people close even when they are in fact far away.


Finally, I end this, mini and very silent, tour with the view out of my window this morning. I am enormously fond of this tree :’)


Here’s to hoping that Peile 114 will be home to lots of fun and new memories over the coming year 🙂

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