Wilkommen in Görlitz!

My very wonderful friend Siân has now moved to Görlitz for a year abroad working as a teaching assistant (as part of her languages degree). She has just started an amazing blog called ‘Adventures in Nearly Poland’. I thought I’d share her very first post about welcome, which made me well up a little bit when I first read it because I miss her already/ I am so proud of her/ it is just so beautifully written! Please have a read, it so worth your time.

Adventures in Nearly Poland

After a few days of living in a new city, it is starting to feel like home. Here are my thoughts on what welcome has meant for me arriving here and trying to settle in…

Welcome is when you arrive at the train station, and a kind man carries your bags up the stairs, when you are ready to collapse in a heap.

Welcome is the taxi driver pointing out sights on the short journey to your apartment, and waiting until you’ve found the right house.

Welcome is the Christian who sees you hovering outside his church, and comes over to offer help. Who greets you with a smile, and a handshake, and kind German words.

Welcome is hugs and flowers from an amazing God-family, who have prayed for you for months; who emailed with pictures, because they know that a picture can reassure more than words ever could; who…

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