Take Me Out Tonight

The title comes from a lyric in the song There is a Light that Never Goes Out, by The Smiths. It’s a song that I heard for the first time last night when sat listening to a guy playing guitar in a pub. I love the line ‘because I want to see people and I want to see life’. I get that sentiment and recognise the feeling well.

And last night I was massively enjoying the fact that there were people and there was life. The street art and the sky and the absolutely gorgeous flowers hanging from the window in that photo on the right. I love being in a new place and exploring and wandering. Also found this building and, well, green windows are a win.


And I was with Freya, another big win.


There’s nothing much else I want to say other than to put on record that last night was a great night. Life can be incredibly sweet. May there be many more nights of my life where I’m in a new city seeing lots of new places and getting a drink that is on fire. And may I know even more of the sweetness and goodness that is friendship and shared experience.



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