the things dreams are

stories we tell about who we are,

tethered to now, they sing of tomorrow

their being is here, telling of there.

As far as word association goes, ‘future’ is to ‘dream’ as ‘past’ is to ‘memory’. Dreaming is superfluous, maybe indulgent. In any case, it’s uncomfortable. In another episode of word association, ‘illusory’ is to ‘dream’ as ‘reality’ is to ‘act’. Dreaming is pretence, maybe unhinged. In any case, it’s irrelevant.

And yet, I am coming to understand that dreams are our self-understanding and our story. Not-dreaming is a non-option. We all have narratives. Dreams not only frame our experience of reality; they shape reality, because they guide us as we interact with the world.

shadows we cast over steps ahead

knowing our limits, oriented beyond

a bridge spanning to what we seek

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