wisdom + worship

Recognition of worthiness unites wisdom and worship. This past week I’ve been thinking about this connection, and about holding together authority with vulnerability, justice with trust, and conviction with risk.

I’ve been writing the below on a train to Manchester by way of processing.

it strikes me that

wisdom and worship are


in my mind’s eye

they are dressed in woven silks

and treading a forest path together.

wisdom and worship

take no shortcuts,

their footsteps are definite.

marked by an ease of trust

and steadfast conviction,

they hold to justice

the air around them

chatters the hushed awe of peace.


  1. This is beautiful and thought-provoking. Wisdom and worship taking no shortcuts is so challenging, and I just love the final two lines of that poem.

    Holding justice + trust in tandem is also something I don’t understand yet, but want to.

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