This week in thoughts

This week I have enjoyed the autumn light as I cycle back from work, had the joy of seeing Siân in Coventry, and have been trying to find my feet in the midst of change.

This week I have been thinking about…


and the needs we have to be connected/respected/protected. That our identity is attached to what we believe is our place in the world. That lies about ourselves are attached to lies about God (“I am alone and must find my one way in the world” is attached to thinking that God is not really there, is not fundamentally relational, and is not looking over our coming and going).

….what is wrong with the world, 

and why that is the case. I’ve learned more about the UK housing crisis and spoken to people with section 21 eviction notices in their hands, read through briefings about accommodation for asylum seekers and torture victims, thought about the environmental impact of Brexit and decisions being made about the infrastructure of UK airspace and been overwhelmed by the volume of things it is possible to campaign about.

I’ve also been thinking about how to change the world, and how it isn’t so simple. Power (happily) is not in any one person’s hand. Decisions get made via whole networks, but this means it isn’t always clear who to appeal to to change something.

…this quote: “The world is not ungenerous, just unimaginative and very busy”, 

that I believe people are compassionate, but that busyness and distraction can go a long way to make it appear like that isn’t the case. I’ve been thinking that people would be unhappy if they knew how “on hold” some people’s lives are because they are waiting for a Home Office decision, and how good communication and organising could work to change those things.

and I have also been thinking about responsibility and being teachable, 

my two big prayers for myself this year. That I would stay open to correction and not let apathy seep in. That I would use the influence I have not for myself, but to build God’s kingdom. That I would grow into my identity as someone connected, respected and protected so that I can extend those same things to others.


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