Simple, not easy

I am now a Londoner. Of sorts ( – the week-old kind).

I already feel at home thanks to lodging in a house where there are lots of people drifting in and out, and where post has been arriving from friends to welcome me.

I’ve been similarly blessed by a wonderful welcome from the other graduates who are all also doing 4-day placements and who I’ll be sharing Fridays with. I’ve been humbled this week by their grace and eagerness to know and love me.

Last Sunday, I went to my new church for the first time; Tim spoke on Luke 5, the calling of Simon Peter. I’ve found it really helpful to reflect on this passage as I start in a new place, with a new job.

When Jesus asks Simon Peter to cast his nets in deep water during the day, not only is he asking Simon Peter to, a), be obedient at a point of physical exhaustion, but to, b),  be obedient in an area that he has expertise in.

Jesus (a carpenter), tells Simon Peter, the fisherman, how to catch fish.

The instruction is a simple one, but it’s not easy.

It demands that Simon Peter surrender his will to that of Jesus’.

However, it is also an instruction that brings good news: Jesus calls us into things which are for our good. Simon Peter is taught to fish, and is then taught to fish for men. He is called into who he is.

What Jesus tells us is simple, and it is good news.

It’s just not that easy. 

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