This I know

Recently-ish, by which I mean a couple of months ago, I read that ‘every single emotion you have should be processed in prayer‘. This last week, this has suddenly felt a whole lot more possible as I’ve discovered something I find really very helpful – a way of bringing God into what I’m feeling through prayer.

I simply describe or think about a situation I’m in and how it’s making me feel, and I tell that to God. And then I say what I know about God back to him.

It’s goes a bit like this…


As I’m sat here right now, I’m feeling frustrated. The reading I’m trying to get through is going so incredibly slowly and I don’t want to be here wading through Avicenna’s ideas about souls. I had a different day in mind today, one where I felt productive, and used my work as worship to you, and I don’t really feel that way. I really just want to see people and have fun, and go for a walk, and read some more of the Dorothy Day book, but it’s also week faithfulness and I think working is what I should be doing right now.

I think I’m also feeling a particular kind of missing out because I know the plans that other people have this afternoon, and I’d so love to be there with them. I feel cross about my work, and sad about not being with the people, and a bit daft for feeling this way!

But Lord, this I know.

You know that I’m feeling all of these things, and you see that I am trying, and understand why I’m feeling the way I am. You are a kind God and you want for my best, and that includes for this afternoon.

Lord, you are every beautiful and captivating thing, you love me with the most outrageous love that is possible, and you call me to life.

Lord, thank you that I can be honest with you in all things. Thank you for what I read this morning about all the hidden things being in the light, and your desire for honesty. Thank you that your love for me holds in all of my mess and frustrations and tiredness – that honesty is what you ask from me.

Help me in this next couple of hours to live the life you call me to as I keep working. I invite you to be present with me, I yearn for your peace.

Something else I read recently says the following:

We live between two great days: The day Christ hung before people and the day all people will kneel before Christ

Praise God for this particular one of them.

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