Cambridge Bucket-list

I’ve just arrived back at university for the third and final year of my philosophy degree… which means that there’s now only a limited time to do the everything which I would like to have done but haven’t managed to do, for one reason or another.

It was last Easter term that I first thought about compiling a list of these things  – and just doing the thinking helped me complete a few (corridor cricket, a Jesus college wine escapade, swimming in the Cam etc.)

This is a list to help me fill the remaining gaps. It’s by no means prescriptive, but it does come with the hope of making the next year a little more fun! (Cambridge people, this is also an invitation – let me know if you’d like to accompany me for any of these)

  1. Get to the coast during term
  2. Stand on the roof of King’s Chapel
  3. Sleep under the stars in Newnham Gardens
  4. Go to an Open Mic night and perform
  5. Volunteer with Thirsty
  6. Hand in an essay two days early
  7. Visit every college for an event at least once (to go: Churchill, Clare Hall, Darwin, Caius, Hughes Hall, Lucy Cav, Magdalene, Queens, St Edmunds, Tit Hall, Wolfson)
  8. Sit in a lecture for another subject
  9. Go to a lecture in pyjamas
  10. Visit David’s hideout field past Homerton
  11. Get chips from Gardi’s, Uncle Bob’s + Van of Life
  12. Do RAG Blind Date
  13. Have a sleepover
  14. Visit Trinity’s Wren Library
  15. Start a standing ovation
  16. Memorise a book of the Bible
  17. Go to a service at a Mosque and Synagogue
  18. Go to a BOP and dress up!
  19. Watch a Varsity Match
  20. Go to the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race
  21. Do an all-nighter
  22. Have a go on a loop pedal
  23. Go to Midsummer Fireworks with Katherine again x3
  24. Light sparklers
  25. Drink a rooftop cocktail
  26. Buy some Indian Sweets from Mill Road
  27. Take stock of life at Reality Checkpoint
  28. Watch Newnham bump!
  29. Attempt the Great Court Run
  30. Make mashed potato sculptures

Here goes!


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