The Kingdom of God is seen in Empty Spaces

I had a really good conversation with Elaine on Friday about space.

I was talking to her about enjoying not having so many commitments this term, and how freeing that was. We spoke about the value of being rather than doing.

She also showed me a poem that she had written about this (and let me keep it).


It says this:

my cry is not
your cry
my plans are not
your plans

I want to be
restored, yes,
made fit for purpose
made useful
made efficient

you want to
restore me, yes
make me whole
make me healthy
make me holy

I want to be
You made me to be

In the abandoned spaces:
The derelict buildings,
The desolated parking lots,
The dry & dusty walkways
Of my soul,
You brood over concrete,
Your spirit hovering over
Unwanted    exhausted    empty spaces.

be still.

Watch & see what
The LORD your GOD will do.

See grass push up through
The cracks & watch flowers break into concrete.

In relation to this, Elaine shared with me some thoughts about Matthew 3:5, the start of the beatitudes, which says ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’

What does it mean to be poor in spirit? In so many ways, to be poor is to be dependent. And so the poor in spirit are those who know of their dependency on God.

When we have less clutter in the form of things and obligations and appointments and schedules we realise our dependency.

Part of the reason I like to collect clutter is because it gives me a false sense of security and capability. But in space I have to sit and be. I have to confront my incapacity and my dependency. I realise my own smallness and my need for God, for His grace and His life.

When we have more space, we have more time to watch for the kingdom of God in our lives.

The Kingdom of God is seen in empty spaces.

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