I was told something wise

One of the (many) things that I am not good at is dealing well with is things taking longer than expected or not going to plan. In my head I had thought that I would easily have managed to work about 6 hours each day this week, but for various different reasons, I have only done half of that.

So Thursday and Friday in particular, I found myself feeling really frustrated and temperamental, and found it hard to shake a feeling of being perpetually behind. This, my friends, is the problem of letting work + productivity affect how you view your day (and by extension, how you feel).

More happily however, today I received a letter from Siân in the post which had a lot of encouraging words in it! And the little nugget of wisdom listed at number 7 in her list of encouragement was something I really needed to hear:

7. By growing in your love for God just a little every day, even on days when nothing else gets done, you’ve already done everything that’s required of you!

This is so wise! As illustrated by how I was feeling on Thursday and Friday, I would do well to take note of this – Siân, thanks for being a wise+encouraging one 🙂

Here’s to measuring days in ways other than by my grasp of modal functionalism and intuitionistic logic!


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