Thoughts for today, at the end of Lent

It’s Easter Sunday! Hallelujah!

Today I remember the most incredible part of history – not man walking on the moon, but God walking on Earth, God’s being revealed in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Today I celebrate that Christ died and rose again that I may have life in its fullness.

Today I declare that although Jesus’ resurrection may have happened a long time ago, He is not past. My faith is my source of strength + peace because Jesus is alive and is here in the present.

Today I am thankful for the resurrection, for a God who chose to enter space and time and suffering. Who loved my self-obsessed, jealous, spiteful, broken, proud self so much that He gave everything He had to give without demanding any return. Lord, may I never cease to be amazed by such unending love and grace.

Today I take a breath and quiet the chaos of my mind with the simple truth of I AM, who brings to life what is dead and brings peace to troubles and can bring light to darkness. Here is hope and here is transformation and here is what can give a future that is positively different to what was your past.

Today I pray for the situations in which I see darkness and trouble and death. That life, peace, light, hope and transformation would enter in. I pray for eyes to see the image of God in those who oppress and persecute, those who stand against the justice, and those who worship violence. I pray for eyes which see injustice and suffering as opportunities to embody radical love and universal forgiveness; which see things in light of the power of the resurrection to transform.

Today I rejoice because of what the Lord has done.


In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

Finally, today I recommend reading a couple more things….

Did Jesus live? – short Guardian article that came out a couple of days ago

Hot Cross Bunnies – a beautiful + chuckle-inducing piece of writing by my dear friend Katherine

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